How do Mechanics Repair Small Dents to My Car?

A dent on a vehicle is not a pleasing sight to a driver. When you put into consideration the cost tied to it, then you understand the frustration that any driver goes through. These are normally caused by the most fragile of things. It could be as a result of sitting on the car, lying on it or even an accident. Regardless of the means it was realized, you should not lose hope. This article is dedicated to the frustrated drivers out there that feel helpless when a dent develops on their car. The tips are easy to employ to get rid of those dents.

Use dry ice

These could be found at any place. They could be found at the groceries store. They are also cheap to buy. Others go for $2. Online offers them at a lower price. Thus, you could purchase a handful. The dry ice touches the dent for some few minutes. The process is repeated until the signs of the dent are completely gone. It is important to use the gloves for handling the ice. It will prevent the damage to the hands.

Use air duster

An air duster is available in all the homes. It can help in the removal of dents also. However, the use of air duster on the dent is quite different. However, the process saves time. It is also a quick way to remove the dent. Anyone can use this process as it is easy.

Use of aluminum foil

Using the aluminum foil with care is important. It can lead to the removal of the paint on the vehicle. Thus, use it wisely. It is an easy method to employ to get rid of the dents. It is applied just as the air duster.


The simple tips recommended are quick and easy to employ. You will have the opportunity to have your car around. The times that you spend in the shop will be reduced allowing you to do the things that mean most to you. The cost also is cheap. Thus, you do not have to worry again concerning the mishap related to dents.